Monday, September 20, 2010

No One Will Believe You

These are the words,"no one will believe you", of my older brother the doctor. Try to expose his and my other brother the architect's dishonesty and I will be the one suspected and accused.

I think about it. From where I live now, at this castle on the hill above this European capitol city, in the midnight quiet, the United States is far away.

I explained last time the game theory of American hypocrisy: why it is to be expected that professionals who benefit from honesty in their work suddenly turn dishonest. I understand them, but do they understand me?

I can hear the gears turning in the heads of my family across the ocean. In what moneyless category can we place this family member? Americans have an intuitive understanding that no one listens to anything but money. Who has it, how they got it, what they do with it, how they lose it.

My brothers say to themselves about me, he is nobody and nothing, that is reassuring. The problem is the web site he writes from. Not even a year old, and already visited thousands of times. And it's philosophy, crack pot philosophy! Money seems to hover around the periphery, and money means danger, danger of exposure.

I think they are right.