Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Art Of The Lawsuit

Hasn't anyone else noticed that the reason the Supreme Court says corporations are persons is that people are acting like corporations? People belong to the collective of their type, and they seek in their personal lives the advantage of their type in competition with other types.

When you find yourself living in a theater, everyone playing roles except you, what do you do? You mustn't give in, take your choice of the roles offered. No. You take one step back. You're someone fortunate. For years your place has not been on stage with the actors, but in the audience. And from there, you've become aware of the dramatist's job, what's known as playing with people, putting people on stage for instruction and amusement. Shakespeare is full of characters setting their fellow characters in motion in a drama of their own construction. You are not Shakespeare, but you are smart enough to know there is, as he said, a life elsewhere. If you don't know where it is, you make it yourself. There is a trick to it. By setting people in motion you as the person doing the setting are living in a world of choice and knowledge that governs the choice. You have the freedom of knowledge. You might yourself play a role too, and in your professional pride you want to play the role well, but your world is not there on stage. As in any art work your purpose is to attain clarity, express character types and typical lives.

So with this introduction, let me set the stage. Our characters are Modern. By that I mean they know they are on stage, and have formed their lives around this knowledge.


- The Corporate Person (living exclusively the on stage life)
- The TV Politicians (who make the decision to move from off stage life to life on stage)
- The Runaway Wife (uncertain if her world is on stage or off)
- & Me (the plaintiff)


Three lawsuits, each concerning the economic consequence to illegal action, in which I play to win because that is necessary for the beauty of the drama.

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