Monday, April 23, 2012

Legal Crime (2)

My brother, Todd Miller, AIA, now has written to the kind man I asked be a mediator saying he is an extortionist* and threatening to prosecute him. Using the power of the media, my brother's stealing is being exposed to anyone who searches for information about his company. They can read the full story.

But my brother, in the classic style of bluffing dishonestly, for the moment would prefer that his reputation be harmed than return what he stole. It is more important for him to go on stealing than to make money in his business. He shows great integrity in this, but it is persistence in evil rather than good, and only someone like himself would consider it admirable.

* Dear Brother, It is not a crime to tell the truth, to go on telling the truth, without stop, in my profession as a writer, on the subject of my family, except when your action makes it no longer the case that what is said is true. Truth telling and publishing are protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

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