Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Girls (10-11)

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 Elevator to penthouse, Park Ave.

- Plenty of room. Wheel the computers in. Move back, billionaire.
- You know...
- We know what?
- I have a son your age.
- In a gang?
- No. A student in his rebellious youth of 20th Century anarchism. His doctoral work was on the Paris Commune.
- We know the history, billionaire.
- Then you know in the few times in history anarchism has been tried, the way was prepared by decades of effective organization. You don't have that advantage.
- How do you know?
- Believe me, I'd know. Information is my business.
- We've got our gangs. You haven't considered that.
- Don't talk to him.
- Have you considered that also the threat of war, great disruption of ordinary life, was needed before anyone would listen to radical ideas?
- That's where you come in. We're there.


Penthouse, Park Ave.

- Mr. Menoch. You know your 11th floor neighbor Mr. Seeches. You two have something in common. Financiers both, both also own industries personally. Media is Mr. Menoch's business, banking yours, Mr. Seeches. You own and direct banks and broadcast companies.
- I can advise operating officers...
- No, Mr. Seeches, we don't want to hear it. You will do what I say. You know the alternative. You also, Mr. Menoch.
- What are you going to do?
- You are going to do what you do, finance. Sit down before the computers. Today you will be financing individuals, not other financiers. Access your accounts.
- I will not! I cannot even if I wanted to interrupt daily operations.
- You are under a misapprehension. We already have access. We already have the account information of every soldier, police officer, food stamp recipient in the country. About 50 million people. Your money is already in their accounts. A million dollars each.
- You'll crash the money supply.
- A mere 3 or 4 times the national debt. We can discuss the matter further another time. Your calender has been cleared. We have asked you here today to explain to the cameras - see them standing by the windows - to explain your generous gift to the people of our country most in need and deserving of assistance. Please identify yourself, the names of your most widely known companies. Then say what is written on this board:
It is my hope that with this money no one in our great country will have to work for another. In the future, whether we work alone, or work together, it will be our own choice. 
 You go first, Mr. Menoch.
- I will not.
- Jamie.
- Alright! I'll do it.

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