Monday, July 29, 2013

The Girls (3-4)

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State Detention Facility, Northern California, Yard

- You think they understood that, Prof?
- Can I have my wallet back? No, I don't. They can't watch us here?
- The girls smashed all the cameras before they left. Where are we going?
- Thailand. Bangkok.
- Cool.
- Hot, actually. Don't get into any trouble. See you tomorrow. Outside.


22nd floor penthouse apartment  
Bangkok, Thailand

- This is the pornographer?
- Where did you find these girls?
- Calm down. This is the programmer, the hacker. He works for the pornographer. These are the girls. They found me.
- How?
- Jer, here, was at Occupy Wall Street, last year.
- You too?
- Me too. Briefly. Jer met the driver there. He's our way into the building. Tell the girls about your job.
- I'm into the banks. I've got personal data from Amazon, Google, Google, Apple. No problem. It's done.
- Tell the girls how.
- I'm a pornographer, right? With access to personal information about consumers of pornography?
- You blackmailed the CEOs.
- No, the girls are going to take care of the them. The corporate quants had what I needed. Here, I'll play back a chat history on one of the sex sites I work on. Watch. The robot chatting with the customer learns about his likes and dislikes, learns what to say next based on the customer's response, first simply on whether the chat is ended or continued, then whether the customers spends money, then how much money he spends. We've taken this artificial intelligence and applied it to our operation to convince people dangerous to us not to oppose us.
- The army, police.
- Yes.
- Does it work?
- We've tried it out on American soldiers stationed here. Sent girls to chat with them at bars Most were already our customers. We knew their interests in sex, knew what music they liked, movies they liked, books they read. Our girls brought up the subject of social injustice. They responded. We recorded their response, and how the girls responded again, and recorded the response to that. Robot artificial intelligence learned politics chat exactly like it learned sex chat. The more chats, the more the soldiers were convinced.
- Said they were convinced. Only words.
- Well, yeah. There's the money too. That's in the mix. Essential, but not my job. Are we finished here? Take the girls, Professor. Tell them about the money.
- Kick his chair, Jamie.
- Hey!

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