Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Girls (6-7)

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Service quarters, Park Ave. residence
32 apartments. 2 to each floor, average cost: $110 million

- How do we look?
- Turn around. Where's your name tag?
- My hair is on it. There.
- "Lauren, of APC"
- American Protective Clothing.
- Good. Sit down, girls.
- This is the day the most bodyguards told our appointment scheduler they'd be in the building for their free fittings That means their employers also are in the building. You have your own vests on underneath?
- Without optional attachments.
- Factory originals. First appointment, 2 minutes.


Service quarters, Park Ave. residence

- Stand over here, face the picture there of our president. Relax. Slip your arms through, the right, now the left. Perfect.
- What are the straps for?
- Imagine you are tying shoelaces. Reach behind, take the ends in each hand, cross them in front and lead them behind you. I'll take them now. Thanks.
- What was that? Isn't is too tight?
- Turn around.
- This can't be right. I can't move my arms. What? Put the gun down now.
- Are you going to make me? Step through that door to your right.
- I don't know what you think you are doing, but...

- - -

- You didn't have to do that.
- He'll wake up.
- Drag him into the other room.  19 more to go.

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