Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Girls (8)

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Park Ave. penthouse apartment

- Michael, I told you to wait with the car.
- I brought some people to meet you.
- You what? You must...
- Sit down, Mr. Killen.
- Whoever you are, get out of my house.
- I'm sorry. I would like to stay, for the time being.
- We'll see about that. Michael...
- Hit him, Jamie.
- Professor, I've driven a car for Mr. Killen for almost ten years, and...
- No one is free to make another a slave.
- He's getting up. Help him to his chair.
- You look like an intelligent man. My driver calls you "professor". You must see that you don't have the right to decide what my rights are.
- I said no one is free to make another a slave. You can try, but others will try to stop you.
- No one is free to live life in peace and make another a slave.
- Jamie, my best student. Kick him down.
- Stop! Violence doesn't solve anything.
- Says the man who makes peace impossible by keeping slaves. Kick him.
- What do you want? What did I do to you?
- You gave me a world without peace where I have nothing better to do than indulge myself with childish tantrums. Please help Mr. Killen to his chair. Today we want an account set up with a balance. One trillion dollars. Not much, about the amount of the bailout the government handed you a few years ago. Tomorrow we'll want more.
- That's impossible.
- Jamie.
- No!
- Good. We're done for today.
- But how do you expect to get away with it? Kill me or not, the bank will follow the money.
- We plan on spending it all within a few minutes.
- That's impossible.
- Everything is impossible for you but keeping slaves. Take him to down to the others.

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