Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Girls (9)

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Park Ave, penthouse apartment

 - Any coffee around here?
- I'm not your slave. Who else?
- Just go. Bring service for all. Everyone, over here. Tell me. Why violence? Martene?
- People are slaves. Tortured, brainwashed, indoctrinated, punished for thinking, rewarded for obedience. They won't be free until they are given a chance to act free.
- What is that chance?
- A place of their own to live and food to eat.
- A chance to live without constant fear. Why don't people ask for it?
- They'll be told, "Our right to keep property to ourselves we can't use is more important than your right to live.
- And if the whole world of slaves said to their masters, We won't work for you anymore?
- The masters would try to buy them off. If that didn't work, they'd give everyone house and food, but keep them employees, and begin the game again of taking everything back.
- How?
- By controlling the conditions of employment.
- Details.
- Employees have to work to stay in their houses and buy food. Employers, by controlling investment, control how many jobs and how much jobs pay. Day by day employers create more job and pay insecurity. The more the insecurity, the easier it is to frighten employees into obedience. Soon once again employees are slaves.
- Tortured, brainwashed, indoctrinated. The alternative?
- Employment has to be outlawed. Property not used outlawed, considered to be abandoned. House and food are not enough.
- Will the employers allow that?
- No.
- Why not?
- They wouldn't be employers, wouldn't have more property than others.
- So?
- They'd use their money and power to stop it from happening.
- Has there ever been a revolution outlawing employment and unused property?
- Yes.
- Where, when?
- In the 1930s, Southern Spain, during the Civil War.
- And?
- The Ukrainian Free State, during the Second World War.
- And?
- Southern Mexico, presently in power. The Zapatistas.
- Were any established without violence? Without war?
- No.
- Here's the coffee.

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