Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Girls (12)

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Camp David, presidential compound

- Where is the President?
- We didn't think it was necessary to involve him at this stage.
- Have you heard from your father?
- No.
- What did the Center For Disease Control say?
- Their site reports an outbreak at the Park Ave. address.
- Who planted it?
- They don't know.
- What are we going to do?
- Nothing, for the moment. No one is going in, no one going out.
- And the money?
- Your opinion?
- Worst case, we have a lot of new customers.
- Worst case is they outlaw banks and we have no customers.
- General, are you prepared to shut down their internet communications?
- The internet was designed to make that impossible.
- Have you tried? We instructed you...
- We tried. Look. I'll show you what happened. They directed their instruction through this regional node. Pulsing light, there. We shut it down, and they went here, then here, then here. You see? We'll have to shut down the whole system to stop them.
- Adverse affects?
- Which is worse: 50 million new millionaires spending our money, or the internet down, all business disrupted? Not my area of expertise.
- Senator?
- They have no real organization. I allow that their video, Take It Back or whatever it was called, was slick. But without someone holding their hands workers won't throw out their bosses. If we shut down the internet every worker will be on his own.
- If we shut down the internet social services will break down. People will double down on the trouble, take over their workplaces.
- A possibility.
- General: will your soldiers assault worker occupied factories?
- We'll have to see.
- That's not an answer.
- If it looks like the majority of Americans like being millionaires and running their own lives, I don't think our millionaire soldiers are going to kill them.
- And I don't think I like your attitude.
- Your father told me once you were an anarchist.
- He's fond of conveying that misinformation. I studied anarchism.
- Well, you have that in common with that out of work school teacher holding your father hostage. Your education makes you an asset to our team. We'll be continuing to call upon your guidance.
- Go to hell.
- You have your instructions, General. Shut it down.

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