Friday, August 2, 2013

The Girls (13)

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Northern Finland, freight airport, hanger

 Hello, Georgyi.
- Where're the boys and girls?
- Outside. Flying around.
- Everything ready?
- Loading.
- Routers and sticks?
- Don't worry.
- I have to worry. What are you watching?
- A lecture from early last year. A philosopher.
- Summarize.
- I know it's little late for theory. A weakness I have.
- I'm worried it won't work.
- Have you seen the video we sent out? Before the internet was unplugged? "Take It From Here".
- Summarize. And cut the sound.
- We show how our kids are there waiting. Willing and able to chase out managers and owners. Only a call away. These scenes show how communications have been re-established. Sticks parachuted for their computers and phones. Orbiting and stationary routers launched. This is real footage, not CGI.
- Working?
- Perfectly. Minimal losses. Don't worry.
- Tell me about the philosopher.
- He begins with this story of attending a conference and asking the billionaire financier who sponsored it, Would he help the new Occupy Wall Street movement? The Billionaire answered, not at this moment, in times of disorder, making a change creates more disorder.
- The timing was wrong. The timing is right only in orderly times, when change can be absorbed without being too disruptive.
- And so that that time never comes a climate of continuous panic is created.
- Does the philosopher say how?
- Yes. The media reports all the problems of the world, with never a suggestion of what to do about them. Problems, new ones all the time, with no solution, give the audience a feeling both that things are bad but nothing can be done about them, and that though bad, very bad, things have been bad a long time and we are still here, so need do nothing. Everything is bad but fine.
- People are panicked into doing nothing. Into being satisfied with doing nothing. Clever.
- Downing the internet will create a panic people will want to do something about.
- And our boys and girls are there to show them what to do. Call them down from their planes. I want to talk.