Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Girls (14)

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Northern Finland, freight airport, hanger

- Many of you have seen this video before, our Professor and Jamie's boy...
- Hey, man...
- Recorded by phone in the Silverlake area of L.A. Watch:

- Drinking beer, sitting out on the porch. This is definitely the house where the party is.
- No, Sir.
- Why do you call me Sir?
- So I won't get arrested.
- You're in a gang?
- Yes.
- Sir means father. I'm not your father.
- What do we call you, Bro?
- Call me "Bro".
- You teach?
- I can teach you anarchism.
- What's that?
- People work for others when they own no property. They own no property because others have accumulated for themselves masses of things they can't use. Owning things you can't use is insane. Threatening people who have no property with death from starvation and exposure if they don't slave for you is insane. Do you agree?
- That's the world.
- In fact it's not. Look around you. Just as many people like to get rid of things and like to make gifts of them. People like to share and help those they live with.
- Sounds like a gang.
- Yes. You don't like to own things you can't use, you don't like to order people about. You live under threat of violence, you respond with violence. The insanity of slavery and useless accumulation always produces a violent response. The only society that both isn't insane and doesn't lead to violence is one that outlaws slavery and outlaws ownership of things you can't use.
- That's what anarchists want?
- Yes.
- How will they get it?
- Revolution
- It will never happen.
- What happened to your eye?
- My girl, the bitch.
- Bro, you must be referring to your Sis, Jamie. She invites you to the revolution.

- Quiet down. It's not that funny. Kids! A lot has happened in the three days we've been here. Our 50 trillion dollars bought you novice fliers your helicopters and planes. It bought your teachers too, but let's not dwell on that. Back in the USA it bought a lot of people a lot of houses and cars. Here, watch the internet go down. Traffic chaos, signals down, crowds streaming out of office buildings where work has stopped. And there's our American president, announcing on behalf of the government that the people aren't really owners of their new houses and cars. It was all a mistake. Clerical error. Give it back, people. Some are. Others aren't. Some are moving immediately into their new homes. See that happy waving family? We're going to help them. Jamie, how did you girls do?
- The gangs? The boys are going along.
- How many can we expect?
- If they'd been to prison, we made them a millionaire. We'll have an army of millions. Where are we sending them first?
- Where the food is.