Monday, August 5, 2013

The Girls (15)

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Draper's Supermarket, Beverly Hills, California

- Stay by the helicopter. Direct the curious to the market. Ok?
- Yes, Ma'm.
- Go to hell.

- Girls! Set up the cameras. Get the employees out here.
- Wait. Hand the telephones out while your at it.

- People: where are your supervisors?
- They ran when they saw the helicopter.
- Good. You know who we are?
- Revolutionaries.
- Santa Claus.
- Santa Clausettes.
- The Girl Gang Christmas.
- You'll see this is no joke. I don't believe in violence.
- Ma'am, if we lived in a world that listened to reason, we'd be reasonable.
- Heard it before. The war to end all wars.
- Maybe this time we know how.
- Maybe not.
- You're welcome to opt out. The rest of you: you own this place. Your job is to give away food. Let no one take more than they can use.
- How will we stop them?
- Call us. Call us if the managers return.
- But the phones are down.
- Our phones work. Who here doesn't have their own place to live? Lives with family, friends?
You, you. You. Let's go shopping. Sami: how'd it go?
- Video looks good.
- Send it out. Come on!