Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Girls (16)

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Draper's Supermarket, Beverly Hills, California

- Jamie?
- What.
- Tell Carlo to circle round. I've got a bad feeling.
- Carlo-boy: give us view of the market.
- The workers are leaving!
- Take us back. Can you get the manager's phone number?
- A second. Here.
- Tell him you're the police. The market's clear and he's needed there. Ok?
- Yeah.
- Out. Bring the workers to me at the entrance.

- You're all afraid. Why?
- We'll be charged with stealing.
- Charged by who?
- The company.
- Jamie, let me in. You guys: did you get our messages? Visit our sites? Watch our videos?
- We were ordered not to leave. We've heard nothing.
- Jamie?
- Set the camera up. Schools in session. Here's the deal: we're staying and there are millions of us. We've got guns, we've got communications. Your company is on the run. All the companies are on the run. You're back online. Check it out.
- You can't make an ideal world with violence.
- We don't want an ideal world.
- What do you want?
- A chance for a world that might not, just might not, end in violence.
- We risk our lives for your chance.
- Human beings are made to take the best chance. You'll remember now your slavery's finished. Is that your manager pulling up?
- The company's regional manager. Yes.

- Thank you for coming.
- Where are the police?
- Somewhere else. You locked your employees in the market?
- For their own protection. Put the gun down!
- This is your opportunity to start your new job search immediately.
- What?
- You're fired.

- The prof. is not going to like it.
- We're not going back to that world. This dead guy's dead world.
- And this piece of dead world? What should we do with it?
- Tell the workers to dump him at a hospital. Kick him in the face first, if you want. Cut the last bit before you load the video. And get in the 'copter.

to be continued