Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Girls (17)

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Camp David, presidential compound, video projection in progress: title card: "Home Shopping"

- Where to?
- Bel Air. Shoppers! Anyone have their home repossessed?
- Me.
- Name of the bank?
- Bank of Americas.
- Shoppers! Anyone have their retirement investments wiped out by hedge fund manipulations?
- Me.
- Me too.
- What does Big Data tell us we have down there, girl?
- Smith-Levett on Stradella, 433. Hitchens, Jonah on Roscomere. Both on the boards of banks and hedge funds.
- Set us down at the nearest.

- Hey, there's a guy with a rifle standing on the lawn.
- Drop a stun grenade. Then net him.

- Take him into the house.
- I can't hear a thing.
- It'll all come back to you.

- What do you want?
- Your bank took away the house of this woman's family.
- I'm using this house. Your rules say I'm allowed to keep what I use.
- You kept slaves, bought the government, caused economic misery, were never punished. I wouldn't rely on people being afraid of punishment for taking revenge on you. I suggest China. You have to find another house. On your feet and out the door.

- Lights. Open the shutters. This is all over the internet.
- Their internet.
- Their internet, yes.
- I know Smith-Levett. Where did he go?
- He has a house in the South of France. He has many houses. What do you care? What are we going to do?
- Are they really into the NSA database or is that show-business?
- They're in, and what's more, we are out.
- Out the door, like poor Smith Levett. Yes, I know. We're working on it. How many of them are there?
- Gangs? There really appear to be millions. How did this happen?
- Well, Director, how did this slip by the NSA? An organization of thousands of gangs?
- We can only watch sites that are known.
- What do you mean by known?
- Are connected to sites we know about.
- What percent do we know about?
- That's controversial.
- About how many?
- One hundredth of one percent.
- Like you put your 100,000 employees in the shopping center down the road and waited for conspirators to come there and conspire, while the rest of the world was unobserved.
- Have this debate some other time. The conspirators aren't hiding. What are we going to do?
- It depends on whether we can rely on our soldiers and police.
- Your judgment?
- The gangs are heavily armed, and in the cities. They'll fight a gorilla war. We'll have high casualties.
- Can we get to the leaders?
- I'm working on it.
- Very good, General. The President is asking for an update.
- You deal with him.

to be continued