Friday, August 9, 2013

The Girls (19)

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Finland, Norea Headquarters

- Rough flight?
- Cargo plane.
- Jamie, meet Karl. He formed this company a couple of decades ago.
- Why are you helping us?
- As technology has developed, people without property have been forced to work for people with property. Technology needs organization, but slavery is the worst form of organization it can depend on, slows down development. I'm correcting an historical accident.
- Why am I here?
- First, to report.
- Can't you see what you have on all those screens?
- Just report.
- We hold most supermarkets, food warehouse, industrial farms.
- By "we" you mean?
- The workers, protected by us.
- And? Confrontations?
- "The enemy advances, we retreat; the enemy camps, we harass; the enemy tires, we attack; the enemy retreats, we pursue." We're keeping food on the shelves.
- Casualties?
- None. On our side.
- On theirs? You don't know.
- I know the army is deserting, police resigning. They're coming to us.
- And the banks?
- Closed. Cleaned out.
- Karl, preview the new history for Jamie.
- On the screen, you see American military bases around the world. Israel is here, with American bases in countries on all sides.
- Israel?
- Ask yourself, what would you do in their place?
- If I were a monster who believed the purpose of life was selling things to one another? Believed if I had to cause millions of deaths in the process that was unimportant, because the purpose of life was selling things to one another?
- Jamie! What would you do, if selling things to one another, in your own country, was no longer possible? If your money no longer could be spent in your own country?
- I'd take my money to another country and buy and sell things there.
- Which country would want your money, when you can't control, don't own, the actual things that are there in your country, the property, the assets?
- I'd try to buy other currencies and property before the money became worthless.
- They're trying. But property gone, money gone, what is the one real asset left?
- The military.
- Yes. The military. Who, what country, will trade real things like land and property, for military services you can provide?
- Israel!
- Besieged on all sides by enemies. Largest military client of the U.S., major business partner in banking and computer technology.
- What's going to happen? When the U.S. military gets there?
- Karl?
- War.

to be continued