Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Girls (a story of revolution) 21

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Tel Aviv, Israel

- What's that shabby junk doing everywhere?
- It's a Shul, fool. A temple. Show some respect.
- Girls, girls! Sit down, anywhere. The orthodox don't worry about appearances.
- They worry about other things.
- What things?
- We're in Israel. They worry about annihilation and such.
- This is David, my friend, and general in the Israeli Air Force. Do you know, girls, if you ask Israel soldiers what they think of their officers, what they say?
- What?
- That they're all geniuses: doctors, lawyers, engineers, professors...
- So you're an undercover Israeli Officer.
- No. I'm not Israeli. Listen. David was a student of mine, in the old days at the University. Before his decision to return to Israel, David  was going to write his dissertation on the subject of "The Two Infinites". The first infinite were the ways each person could combine his habits, his tools, what he knew how to do, to find new ways of do things, like the infinite ways words could be use to say things no one had ever said before. Correct, David?
- Yes.
- The other infinite was the destruction of foundations every time a person was treated as someone to buy or sell or produce things. Every time the habits of the individual, the knowledge of how to live, was not taken advantage, that foundation of knowledge was leveled to the ground never to be used to build something on. Ok, David?
- Ok.
- David quit philosophy because he thought it was making a religion out of nothingness, was a disguised will to power born of the infinite destruction of possibilities. Genius, right? 
- He became a soldier to out his will to power?
- David?
- I'm here, representing my country, to coordinate with you. On the screen you can see where the American Forces are now consolidating their bases. Invasion will spread out where you see arrows. They will take control of the oil, neutralize the armed forces.
- Tell the girls what the Israeli Armed forces will be doing.
- Nothing. They'll be doing nothing. We set the whole thing up, invited the Americans in...
- We're also Americans. You also invited us.
- Yes. I apologize. We invited the absconding American Government, running from their fight at home, to come fight for us.
- And why are we here?
- To neutralize our Armed Forces. Win them over to your side.
- Which side are you on, General David?
- David is on our side, mostly.
- Our side doesn't know whether they can trust their allies. Should we run, girls?
- Girls! Other parts of the world have their own stories, but this place, where our civilization began, has always been in a fight between good and evil. My shy ex-student over there came up with a beautiful new expression of the story: the good is the individual using his own limited means to lead out to unknown, unforeseen, unlimited results, cooperating with others doing the same. The evil is the unlimited repetition of acts of destruction of every individual's foundations that could have been built upon. David, finish the story, will you?
- We've brought the American Forces here to be our evil surrogate. We've brought you girls here to help organize all our people, military included, to cooperate with each other again as we once did, and find god, the infinite in what we can accomplish together. Here and now, in Israel, we're at endgame.
- Pure evil! You're going to throw our forces out after you've used us!
- In the Indian Sutras, there's a story. Two aspirants to wisdom went off to meditate on a mountain, and as they were climbing, they met some people from the village coming down. The villagers warned them to take care, there was a ferocious bear up there. The two aspirants said, god will protect us, and made camp on the hillside. In the middle of the night they heard a noise: "It's the bear!". One them got an illumination and started putting on his running shoes. The other was astonished. "Do you think you are going to outrun that bear?" No, the first aspirant to wisdom replied, I really don't. But I have studied the situation. I only have to run faster than you."
- Israel will be purged of evil.

to be continued