Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Girls (a story of revolution) 25

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Tel Aviv, corporate offices

- It's quiet here. Anything wrong?
- Everything's running smoothly.
- Too smoothly. It's uncanny. Where's the revolution?
- Didn't you teach these girls anything, Professor?
- We've been busy. Teach them.
- It was widely debated, among us, how anarchism could be put into practice. Not in rural Spain, agrarian Ukraine, or peasant Mexico, but in the capitalist West. We live in Israel. We had no political organization. We weren't even a group ourselves. We are individualists, entrepreneurs, start up founders. We asked ourselves what we knew how to do. And do you know what we answered?
- You knew how to start companies.
- How did you know?
- Don't be stupid.
- You'll see how smart we were. We implemented a brilliant idea: found a start up that sold the model of anarchism to business as an efficiency method. The most high tech, most innovative method ever devised to get the most productivity out of every worker, who was previously compartmentalized and isolated from contributing his whole human potential to the business.
- You sold it? Actually?
- Yes! Very successfully. Maybe because of our history of Kibbutz. Though we found out later an American company had been ahead of us doing something similar. No one knows for sure, but we think by last month ours was the dominant business model here.
- Then all we have to do....
- Remove the stock holders from the business, and we are left with a ready made, worker owned anarchist enterprise!
- Who figured this out?
- I worked out the constitution based business structure, but...
- The professor.
- Yes. He came up with the trick.
- The trick worked? The managers are out?
- They're out.
- Where did they go?
- To the Israeli government. They're demanding action.
- And?
- We can watch the debate in the Knesset. Broadcast's starting right now. There, at the podium, is our man Avi.

to be continued