Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Girls (a story of revolution) 33

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War room, Israel, desert encampment

- General: tell us what were seeing.
- Most of the advance has stopped. Collisions of vehicles. Air vehicle crashes. Pilot ejections. Here: our one percent advances. When they reach this point, they'll be driving into the dust cloud we create.
- How long?
- Within the minute.
- Jamie, are you ready?
- I can't wait.
- You know what to say?
- We're past that.
- Good. General: status?
- Bulk of American forces, immobilized. The weather modification robots are up. See there. The electronics of the advance are failing. The advance's stopped. There: the holographic projection's up. On the screen, right, how the projection's seen from the position of the American forces. They're out of their disabled vehicles. Operation Burning Bush commences.
- Jamie?
- Already in the studio. On the center screen.
- My fellow Americans!  Jamie here, from L.A. These are The Girls, from the neighborhood. My girls. On the screens, in back of me, the war room of the forces you've picked a fight with. Over there, you can see his back, the Professor. You all know him. Also American. There, those beauties, the dancers, body guard for the Prof. 
So guys: our message to you is: Be free or we'll kill you. You see what we can do. Go home. Freedom awaits. It's our only message, Americans to Americans. But we've arranged a show for you. Look into the burning bush across the desert, see your officers. Your military culture. See who you give up your freedom to die for.
- How'd I do? Look at those idiots in the cloud. Like sleepwalkers. Is that according to plan?
- Visibility in the fog is low.
- They're too stunned.
- No. They're waking up. Return to the war room. You did well.
- Keep a seat for me.

to be continued