Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Girls (a story of revolution) 34

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War room, Israel, desert encampment

- The American forces are seeing this?
- In the holographic projection. I'll pull it up. Two scenes, on the left the Shakespeare animation. Prospero's usurping brother plots with the brother of the king to take over the kingdom, Prospero's monster servant plots to take over from Prospero. On the right, rolling change of scenes, conversations of the officers lost "in the cloud" are monitored for key words. Cash, gold, money, jewels, riches, loot. There: the scene sticks.
- They have sound?
- Yes. Want to listen in?
- You knew? About the stealing?
- Gold, cash, art, relics.
- Where'd they put it?
- Some of it, they carry with them. The rest they left behind hidden in the conquered territories. We'll let the American Forces listen a while - the scene's shifted again - then Jamie I'd like you to give your final thoughts. In less than a minute, the dumb show plotters will be forgiven, reconcile with the plotted against, the animation will fade. A hundred feet high words will appear: "Had Enough?"
- Do I have to? I'm talked out.
- What do you want?
- I want to go home.
- What do you want from them? Your fellow Americans.
- Should I say reconciliation?
- Well? Do you forgive? Can you live with them?
- They're killers.
- Yes, they are. And you've lived with killers. They make life a misery.
- We're supposed to have created a home where there won't be killers. Where people don't drive each other crazy hoarding things they can't use and making slaves of each other.
- And where crazy people without crazy people around them can stop being crazy.
- Nazis in Argentina good family guys. Nice everyday people. Reconciliation? Like Shakespeare?
- Address the troops, Jamie.
- Yes, boss.
American Forces. Jamie here again. The Professor wants me to give you one last chance. You've seen your leaders stealing, betraying, murdering, fighting over their filthy money. Money to buy you as slaves, money to stop selling themselves as slaves. GO HOME! No one needs money there. The thousands of years of history, it's over. Forget it all. Or don't! Go be free! Go be free or we'll kill you. Over and out.

 to be continued