Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Future

Part One: Athens Is On Fire And You Are Fired!
"When hacker geeks hook up with anti-globalizational black blockers, that will be something to see. Real world DIY street smarts, groups with institutional knowledge and experience of government surveillance and infiltration going back decades, combined with mad hacker skills and hard crypto... That really will be something. And I think we are pretty much there."

1. Athens

In a small, bare room, with folding chairs, projector and screen, the middle-aged professor waits for the young audience to quiet down. He lights the first projection, an out of focus photograph of a man and woman on mountain heights, leaning back against and their arms stretched out along a railing, their hands just meeting. It is a famous image and the audience laughs.

"The revolution began just how it should, with a professor. Now a professor; then he was unknown. Not for the first time humanity had made a huge mistake.

Our leaders believed social life had no meaning. Society was only a machine. Individual life was important, and individuals were successful when they were the top at making and using the machine of society.

Unregulated markets, corporate bribery were promoted as efficient. And efficiency was everything, because social life was only a machine.

The people who knew the machine and managed it deserved to profit from it. Users of a tool deserve to own the product it made.

Others, who didn't understand and couldn't manage the tool, deserved to fail so they could learn from their mistakes.

Our leaders universally accepted this religion, let's call it. Was it because of the development of democracy, or the counter-culture movement of the 60s? We don't know why.

Hackers used technology to break the social machine, but that was not the solution.

This man, you all know him, came up with the answer. In retrospect it's obvious: don't break the machine but use all the tools of the machine, economic, technological, communication, against it. For him it was only science fiction. But people from here, the right people, people who could implement his ideas, found him, and brought him back to the U.S.

How did they find him? The Internet, what else.

It began right here, in these rooms....

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