Saturday, May 26, 2018

Capitalism & Love

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(Continued from Capitalism, Prostitution, Torture)
Jean-Luc Godard, the Swiss-French film director, once told an interviewer that prostitution was the only work in our times in which you can find love - an observation related to Marquis de Sade's, that only in causing pain can you be sure of real connection. Torture, allowing the entrance of love, or rather its name, seems to stabilize capitalism.
- Such an absurd thing as capitalism could make its entrance into history, slaves being forced to buy the products they themselves have produced, because capitalism tortures, and torture produces stability by being a form of cohesion. That is your claim?
- Yes.
- And you're serious?
- Yes. In capitalism buyer and seller are drawn to each other only to be enemies to each other in every transaction. The free market produces benefit out of the defeat of the natural desire to cooperate, buyer and seller taking on roles opposed to each other.
- Participation in the free market is another torture of mind and body. I see.
- The unnatural taking on of roles in the repeated, group re-enacted killing of an old god and the rebirth of a new is our old friend ritual. Slavery in which producers must buy back their own products, and exchange between buyer and seller, both involve torture, both are ritual that is itself continually reborn, never for long let escape the phase of killing prior to new life. Through recurring torture, slave and master are suspended together in the act of being reborn; through inevitability of ritual, the master of the market and the producing and consuming slave are drawn close. Perverse and mocking, Godard and de Sade called this closeness love.