Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Sheer Joy Of Getting Away With It

I have the luck to have a family that has all the new and worst characteristics of American life. It has some good ones too, but you know well enough what is good to hold onto it in your life and don't need to read about it. You might though want to read about what is bad. Good feels good when you do it, but bad often doesn't feel bad because it has latched onto something good and hides behind it. What it latches onto is safety, or a symbol of it.

In American life the good thing that bad hides behind is money.

For present day America making money at any cost is not a compromise. It is not a calculation. The bad that pays for the good is invisible. Making money is a purely good thing and celebrated as such.

The bad is invisible because in some way, in some respect, anything can be good, all it takes is the will to look for it. If you want money enough you have the will to look for how bad is good. Bad becomes invisible.

Let's say you have a family of such alchemists of bad into good. Or rather I hope not. I have such a family, and know what I am talking about.

They want the good thing, money, very much, and the bad things they do to pay for getting it they easily make invisible to themselves. You in fact are easily made invisible. You are simply what they apply a rule to. You don't act like them, therefore.... You don't live like them, therefore....

The three dots represent invisibility. What has been made invisible in my family would be tactful to keep invisible but since it is the subject here has to be included: stealing, my family loves to steal, loves to steal from me! They are millionaires and don't need the money. They steal for the love of it. For the joy of getting away with it. For the science and alchemy of it.

Isn't that America? Government, corporations, businesses, everyone cheating for cheating sake, lying for the sheer joy of getting away with it?