Monday, April 9, 2012

The Message To Lovers

1. Death In Life

Fearing death makes us live our worst and our best. The worst when we think we need others to save us and think others will not save us unless we give them what they not we ourselves think is good. The best when knowing death is not an immediate threat we give ourselves time to discover what we want and try to get it while we can.

Because death suggests to us both the best and the worst when we are at our best we are most vulnerable to falling into the worst. We get angry and afraid when we are in love more easily than when we are not. We try to save ourselves from the death of love at the cost of death in life.

2. The Message To Lovers:

Take your time, take this time. The uncertainty that makes you do your worst also makes you do your best. Just because you'll die tomorrow don't die now. Today you are alive. Live today.