Friday, December 28, 2012

New Toys

(part twelve of The Future, a comic book)

- Come along.
- Now where?
- See our new toys. The reason we're in Tel Aviv.
- I thought it was because no one would notice one more rocket crashing here.
- That too. Did you know, you're already famous here. You know for what?
- My self confidence?
- Your beautiful theories. Here's one. And I quote:
  Our English language is losing its grammatical rules, creating new words to supply the lost clarity. The new words are evolving too, breaking down into separate words, with grammar returning to clarify their relation. Breaking up and assembly of words, loss and return of grammar, goes on in a cycle.
  Think of social economics working the same way. We start out in our family-like communities and enterprises, no one paid, everyone making gifts to each other, working together at a goal all share. Repetitive work is shared by all, unless someone wants to make a gift to the others by doing it all, which is not impossible. When you live in a place everyone makes gifts to people living in the same place, everyone giving also receives. Close and regular ties are necessary for this system of exchange to work. Distant or loosely organized communities instead choose to exchange goods or money.
  Social economics should be fluid, and by choice: when connection is regular, gifts make sense. When irregular, trade makes sense. 
- I imagined that with better communications, with an organized network for establishing alliances, larger, or even distant, gift communities could be established and maintained longer. I imagined far greater productivity would result.
- We're working on it.