Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Heaven Must Have Been Short 20 Angels"

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- Do you know something?
- What?
- The 20 young children shot yesterday at school...
- It's all over the news. Incomprehensible, senseless, the extreme of evil.
- Is that how you describe it?
- How would you describe it?
- Evil I can't argue with. But incomprehensible and senseless, no. There is a lot to be said...
- Can't you just be quiet for once? People don't massacre children every day. How can it be typical?
- Because it is an expression of our times. Chesterton said nothing could be more stupid than telling people to go ahead and act bad and it will all work out for the best, that promoting economic and personal selfishness would lead to a good and stable society.
- What good does killing children do anyone?
- What would you say is the ultimate in selfishness?
- Take from the people around you and give nothing back.
- Exactly. Don't get angry.
- I'm trying. But this is a tragedy. Your theories are disrespectful.
- It looks like I'm trying to profit intellectually from terrible pain.
- Yes.
- Though maybe we can learn from this. Should I go on?
- Yes.
- Doing anything useful in society is a failure of selfishness. In a logic where selfishness is believed to create a good society destructiveness should create a better society.
- You're saying these insane killers think of themselves as cultural heroes?
- They take the best away and give nothing in return, and killing themselves leave nothing behind that can be taken back. They achieve the maximum of selfishness.
- And an ideal society is the result.