Sunday, December 23, 2012

The President Is Crying

This is what we know about guns and killing:
: if you make it easy to kill people, people kill people.
: if you make anything easier to do, people are more likely to do it.

This is what we know about the President:
: He believes in compromise. It is his religion.
: If he did not practice this religion he wouldn't have been elected.
: Financial supporters of both political parties like that he practices this religion. It makes them money.
: Practice of this religion in politics makes everyone money who already has enough money to buy politicians.

This is what we know about crazy people and killing children:
: Children are innocent.
: Even a crazy person can't come up with a reason to kill them.
: Individuals need reasons. Crazy people kill children in the practice of a social role. They let society do their thinking for them.
: What social role? They outfit themselves in military gear. The role: killer.

This is what we know about killers in our democracy:
: Not only our President worships compromise. The majority does.
: Politicians sell war as a compromise with killing. War is necessary killing.

This is what we know about the President and his compromises:
: He could have demanded the American people throw out the entire congress for their crimes. Elected Representatives voting in the interests of those who give them money is a crime. Perjury of oath to protect the country is a crime, breach of contract to represent the interests of the people is a crime.
: The President would have succeeded had he done this.
: But the President cannot do this. It is against his religion of compromise.

This is what we know about mass killing of children in our country:
: It's just another compromise.

P.S. Reuter's News Report: 
Obama Starts Hawaii Vacation, Leaving Washington On Ice

• Nearly 100,000 Americans are wounded or killed by guns each year.
• The secondary costs associated with gun violence (judicial, medical, security) are estimated at $100 billion a year.
• Since Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. were shot in 1968, more than a million Americans have been killed by guns.
• Children aged 5 to 14 are 13 times more likely to be killed by guns in American than in other industrialized nations.
• Of all children killed by guns in the 23 richest countries, 87 percent are American children.
• There have been five mass shootings since Obama took office, three of them since July.
• And as Nicholas Kristof points out, more Americans get killed by guns every six months than have died in Afghanistan, Iraq, and every terrorist attack in the last 25 years combined.