Thursday, June 13, 2013

Money Making Mystics

  - He wants me to write a movie about non-teleology. Not seeking ends. Doing things for their own sake.
- You can't use that word in a movie. Teleology.
- A good line: "You can't use that word in a movie." Maybe I'll use it.
- Go right ahead. You know, there are two more screenwriters here at this Starbucks writing a movie about terrorism and Eastern mysticism saving the day. Is it something mystical? Or have you been hired by the same guy? Seems to be, from what you say about him.
- No. Just a coincidence. The manager here is a Buddhist, maybe that has something to do with it.
- Three rich businessmen from the East, employing three separate writers. Do you know what I think?
- What?
- These guys who made money speculating in money are experts in doing things in the abstract. In teleology, pure and simple. They got their millions, and now, being from the mysterious East, think they can equally be experts in not doing in the abstract. In non-teleology. Do you see what's wrong here?
- Tell me.
- There's a difference between not trying to get the world into any one shape, and trying to get what you do in your own life right.
- Describe doing right in your own life.
- Loving, creating. Not destroying, hating. 
- Interesting. I shouldn't tell you, but, my therapist told me not to talk to you.
- Nothing good will come of it.