Friday, September 26, 2014

Study With Me

He says he's figured out my problem, my problem and his problem. We're the same, that's why he's brought me here.

Alright I say, know the solution too?

Our problem is we couldn't stay home. We went away, met people, taught.

We fell in love with the beauty of women, women like Sarah, of nature and wise as well.

But our wandering only led us to women, their wisdom and nature only in our minds. We wanted both and got neither.

Either wander or marry, we have to choose, and we don't, that's our problem. We won't choose. We wander to women and wander away.

No I say. I chose to marry. Did it already. Before that chose to wander, done already too.

Either is good, both were good.

Now I have neither to choose from. Ways that worked before don't now, a practical problem.

No he says. The solution lies not in the world, only in the book of god.  Follow the book, your problems will be solved.

Study with me. Only the book has power, you don't. You are a wanderer or a husband, and you can't choose either.

For you and me there's only the book of god.