Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cleansing Minds

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The University Of California, Los Angeles

- You told me when we met maybe you should be afraid to be seen with me. Now I think maybe I should be afraid to be seen with you. What happened with the police? You went there?
- Yes. I expressed my astonishment, 'What, me violent? Ha ha ha. What an idea!
- And what did they say?
- I'm declared Not A Threat.
- Congratulations. What's your next move, Mr. Not A Threat?
- I'm going to write more emails.
- To your professors criticizing them? Again? You don't understand: they sent the police to your house and ordered a psych evaluation because they really think a student who dared criticize them must be crazy. Normal students know if they don't flatter those their future employment depends on they'll have no future.
- I'll be a janitor and lead a happier life.
- If they don't first lock you up and throw away the key. Didn't I tell you the police would be sent after you? Didn't I tell you how the police are accosting and recruiting as spies all the desperate with no place to go who wander onto the campus? That they're cleansing the university of all sign of non-conformity?
- Yes, you did. You're clairvoyant.  
- You better believe it. Listen to me: leave your poor idiot professors alone. You've had you fun. Enough already. You want to write this garbage put it in a novel.
- I might just do that.

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