Monday, February 1, 2010

What We Should Be Saying

A simple rule: It is safe to tolerate all beliefs except those which do not tolerate all beliefs. Tolerance must always be mutual tolerance.

Fundamentalism: a permanent war of religion against its people. Having no peace-time life to lose, it prepares them for terror against others.

When certainty in religion obliges us to force it on others, it becomes an art of state making & totalitarian: all words & acts controlled.

Religion teaches you ways to be good. Fundamentalism forms a state that forces you to be good. Teachings meet in debate, forces meet in war.

Good products we agree on, not the movies we go to for different reasons. When politics is seen as a tool not a show, we'll find we agree.

Children lie, but their duplicity never mixes angry war with peaceful play. Preparation for war within peace is the mark of lost innocence.

Ours is a government of change that does not change, involved in wars which make no progress. We go to war to prevent peace. A way of terror.

Peaceable people go to war as weighed down by a mask of an alien role, longing, scheming for letting down the mask and returning to peace.

A terrorist doesn't fear his killing will kill a separate peace-time character he lacks. Permanent war readiness is terrorism by definition.

Who is a terrorist? Someone who lives in permanent war, who has no separate peace time life: his character is exercised and glorified by war.

Death in six words: think for others act for yourself. Life in six words: think for yourself act for others.

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