Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Single Again

My wife has cut off all contact with me. One of the last things she said to me was she had arranged an annulment of our marriage in Hungary, and it was just about to be final. I assume the annulment was on the grounds that her divorce from her ex-husband was invalid, as he had lied in court documents about being a resident in Hungary. My marriage is invalid because their divorce is invalid. She was already married when we got married. She'd mentioned this strategic possibility to me more than a year ago, when we were living together in the Hungarian countryside.

My (ex- now) wife can try to get some of her (no longer ex-) husband's billions. She already has her American permanent residency - the former ex-husband had gone back on his promise to get it for her - so the marriage to me is disposable. And I don't need Hungarian marriage documents and a statement of permission from a legal wife to apply for immigration to Israel. The Jewish Agency in Los Angeles has told me they have no work for me in Israel, but will give me a grant to go live there anyway. How can I say no?

While we were apparently married my wife liked to say to me, "You'd be the perfect husband if only you were rich."

P.S. If only I could believe a word my wife says about marriage or anything else!