Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where I am has to be where I was in those times when love was present...

My wife has decided to sell her car, she says she wants to save money, so we've driven far out in the Hungarian countryside to a village by the river where lives the automobile glass specialist who works out his home garage and can cheaply replace the cracked windshield.

He takes us down to the restaurant and childrens playground not far from the water, we can feel the river in the air and watch the birds fly overhead. My wife sits on the bench beside me, taunts me with saying she does the same things with her ex-husband, she says the same things to him, and I say the same things he says.

- I don't believe it.
- You do. You both think you are so smart.
- It's impossible. You're trying to provoke me.
- I am. But it's true also.
- No it's not.
- The only difference between him and you is that he's rich and you are poor.
- You're an idiot.
- You're the idiot for being so poor.
- Why did you marry me if you think so little of me?
- An American visa.
- You'll get that. I've promised you. You don't have to spend any time with me.
- You're not such bad company.
- High praise.
- I sort of like you. You have a kind of charm.

Why do I put up with this? She puts her arm on my shoulder and we take a walk side by side. This crazy girl-woman is my family.