Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Only About The Money

What makes an enemy is our ability to say this man is not in my real life, he is part of my passage though unreal worlds on my way back home.

What defines the unreal is that it is played like a game, reduced to the status of play thing.

The unreal, the enemy, has chosen to make himself unreal, and bears himself the responsibility of his own destruction by the forces of reality for which he has become an obstruction.

Because talking about friends and enemies we have changed the subject to reality and unreality, violence has become associated with unreality. Violence is practiced while we are in a state of unreality while we are away from home wandering like Odysseus among barbarians, and is practiced against those who have so defined themselves as living in a state of more or less permanent unreality. Unreal acts on unreal, we play with the play thing, and when we return home we will have outgrown our toys. In our civilized lives we don't let ourselves act with violence, we limit violence to our thoughts and the direction we allow with pity or humor our thoughts to take us.

I ask, like Odysseus, will those my travels bring me to rise out of the level of unreality, or will they not? If they do not, it is a game, with a winner and a loser, and winning means getting back on my way home. To put it simply: it's only about the money. I ask again, who are these people, my family who delay my passage?