Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our President Talks

The President Of The United States was on the television news program 60 Minutes this week. He said that he had been doing a good job as president, but had failed in the job of convincing the American people that he had been doing a good job. More and more of them think he is doing a bad job.

He had persuaded the American People to elect him in what he called the best political campaign ever run, and he could have got around to persuading the American people that he was worth keeping as a President, only he has been too busy working at being a good President.

Behind these words is an assumption that a politician either persuades, or neglects persuasion. He does not have to defend his actions or intentions. The American people need persuading, and if left on their own too long have dangerous or obstructive ideas. They might even come to the point of asking questions and demanding that they be answered.