Friday, February 11, 2011

Pink Tie

When you are in hell keep going. Churchill is supposed to have said that. When you are at Starbucks cafe, keep talking.

- You're wearing a pink tie.
- I like a bit of color.
- Looks good.
- It is a dangerous world out there. It is important how you look.
- It is dangerous for me. How is it dangerous for you? What if you don't mind my asking is your profession?
- I work for the FBI.
- Really?
- Would I lie?
- Aren't FBI agents a kind of spy, and isn't lying standard practice for spies?
- Not in the ordinary course of duty.
- But it is not in the course of duty that you are talking to me now.
- I am talking to you because I know you are in trouble.
- Why do you say that?
- Your name is on the monitor.
- What monitor? What are you talking about?
- This conversation is over.

I look at him and calculate. About 50 years old. On the left wrist, Swiss watch, price in the thousands. On the right wrist, heavy gold bracelet. Hand tailored business suit. Hair cut recently. And looking back calmly as I examine him. Regional FBI headquarters just around the block. Not crazy, but if not?

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