Sunday, March 6, 2011

Everyday Life

I am living with this woman I love and who loves me, and she has declared war on me. Her bank statements arrive showing tens of thousand dollar balances, yet she tells me she has no money, can't pay her parking tickets for the car registered in both our names. My thrift shop heavy gold rings disappears. My necklace pendant disappears, but is returned by her when she is in a good mood with the announcement that she has decided I can have it. A man comes over to pick up a book of signed drawings he's buying from me, and my wife confiscates the payment. What do I have to say about that? she asks me.

- It's just more of the same.
- I thought you'd give me trouble.
- I've said everything already. You've said everything already. You think it's wrong to care about someone who is no use to you. I think acting this way you won't succeed. You disagree. What can I do?
- Nothing.

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