Friday, April 22, 2011


- You know, you have really offended me.
- How?
- You believe everything that crazy woman says about her wealthy family, being a professional singer, managing a business, producing a television program, but you are skeptical of me.
- I am only asking questions. I don't know if the many combinations of numbers you use to reveal people to themselves are just an aid to your intuition.
- That's what the scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory said when they tested me.
- The woman who brought me here said she was a registered prophet with intelligence services.
- Again that woman. Tell me something. Are you happy?
- I'm miserable.
- Of course.
- Were you by any chance a stand up comic?
- Yes.
- That explains the aggression. And from your accent you're from Boston?
- Yes, I grew up there.
- Two out of two. Maybe I should register as a prophet.

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