Friday, August 5, 2011

Psychopaths (Some Ideas)


When the character type psychopath is applied to the behavior of corporations, the point being made is that what is good economically may not be good socially or politically. What makes for productivity, at least in the short run, may destroy social relations or threaten the stability of democratic government.

The people themselves seem to be moving in the same direction as the corporation, holding themselves to a higher standard, correctness, of technical adjustment of personal behavior to whatever works, paid for with social isolation and political indifference.



1. Know goodness and beauty when they see it. Are sensitive, often intelligent.
2. Have no talent for, no confidence in, making a life that is beautiful.
3. Believe they have a talent for telling and making one beautiful story: an attack on a world that will not allow the deserved beautiful life to be lived.

Their seeing good in others does not lead to sympathy, care, love. Why not?

1. Experience of constant betrayal, of stories ending.
2. Failure of dialog. No experience of coming to agreement, then acting on that agreement.
3. No experience of being grateful to those who have shared their lives. No experience of getting anywhere with people, always beginning over, becoming again sensitive of beauty they will not be able to act on.

Others, who are not psychopaths, build a life on the basis of sympathy:

1. Talk their way into finding out what others really believe and act on.
2. Search for an agreement on what is really good.
3. Bring that good into life together.


People educated to live in friendship and love, when not educated in how to act on what they have been taught, learn to apply it to destruction of their school, considering this the only possible application of their learning.

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