Saturday, September 10, 2011

Putting Pressure On Hollywood

First, tell the truth.

Set up about twenty Twitter accounts, and the TweetDeck application which allows you to write messages on all accounts at the same time. Quickly acquire followers by publishing messages copying the titles of stories and essays on your free blog site, each including a shortened link to the site. Writing interesting messages might work, but that's not the way I did it. I used existing stories and essays to link to. Follow those accounts Twitter suggests - Twitter analyzes key words you use - and use Twitter's search to find accounts to follow by key words.

I attracted about 5000 followers in two weeks.

Then go into action. Your goal is to get your message seen by anyone who types the name of the target into the search engines Google and Bing. If you send twenty Twitter messages a day, and they are received by 5000 followers, that is 100,000 messages received in one day. When I did this my blog site received about one percent of that number in visits every day, that is, one thousand. In 20 days, 20,000 visits. That was enough to secure the result aimed at.

Type this particular TV producer's name into one of the search engines and you'd see a page full of my messages. He was doing something he shouldn't and he stopped. It was that simple.

(continued in An English Lesson)