Friday, October 28, 2011

What's Next

According to sources, the Associated Press late Friday night received a document purporting to be a plan for revolution in the United States. The plan specifies detailed procedures to be followed, in four steps:

1. General strikes in individual cities.
2. General strike across The United States.
3. The entire Congress and Executive Branch pressured to resign.
4. Call for special elections.

The "movement" says they accept present institutions and forms of government, and aim only to replace the people in office who have been "discredited by the universal practice of taking money from special interests".

In an interesting digression, these special elections are envisioned as an open, even "joyful", battle of publicity between the two established political parties and the media-confident newcomers. The directors of the political parties are cautioned that, losing the election, they will be prosecuted under organized crime statutes for "operating what is essentially a marketplace for bribing politicians".

The document ends with the statement, "The revolution is here."