Friday, November 4, 2011

I Ask George Soros To Support The Occupy Movement

On the evening of November 3, 2011, at the Central European University in Budapest

I make George Soros a suggestion:

- If someone like you supports the Occupy movement it would mean something.
- It depends on what direction it develops.
- Say general strike, and a call for resignations.
- That becomes counter productive. The trouble is, reality is very complicated. And people look for simple answers. And especially in moments of stress and fear everybody is trying to advocate his own self interest. And yet the European project requires cooperation. Cooperation is something you can achieve in times when there is hope and a functioning leadership. And at the moment you don't have it.*

my comment: the Occupy Movement seems to be thinking along the same lines as Soros, and before anything else demonstrating an ability to cooperate and keep hope.

watch the complete Nov. 3, 2011 George Soros lecture:

* "And perceptions reflexively reinforce reality - belief in stability leads to arrangements reinforcing that stability, and vice versa." (George Soros, Reflexivity and the Theory and Practice of Social Change, 2011)