Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Spirit & Google+

Christmas Spirit is about irrational solidarity and kindness.

Is it like Google+ Circles?

When you add people to your circles, you send them posts.
When people add you to their circles, they send you posts.

Google circles are mailing lists. There is no necessary connection between circles. You receive posts from people you put in your circles, but only if they put you in their circles or do public mailings.

You can set it up so you only receive messages from people in your circles, and go to "incoming" to allow posts from others, both from people who have put you in their circles or mass public mailings.

My question about irrational solidarity and kindness: is it in the kindness of your including people in your circles, or their including you in their circles, is it the solidarity of overlapping circles, or is it a public mailing, yours or other people's?

Or is it the leap of faith involved in using Google+ at all, not knowing if this is the way the circles work?

Merry Christmas