Monday, January 30, 2012

Twitter & Science Fiction

Twitter has a new censorship policy. They proudly announce they'll now be liberal enough only to censor in those countries directly offended by being revealed to be killers, liars, and thieves. In the rest of the world, where the different set of killers, liars and thieves are not directly concerned, Twitter will restrain itself from censorship.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that corporations have human rights and cannot be censored from bribing politicians and destroying the democratic system of equal representation. One day in the science fiction future human beings might also be granted human rights, not be denied freedom of assembly (Occupy movement), freedom of speech (Twitter, freedom of fair trial (U.S. secret offshore prisons).

What can we expect to see then? Would the Twitter management be held responsible for the monetary damage they have caused to the human community? On a conservative calculation, where one human life is, to any reasonable person, worth more than any and even all corporations, it is reasonable to assume the court where human beings also have human rights will strip Twitter of all its assets.

But Twitter management, not to worry. The court will give you, I think, a one way ticket to China. You'll have to leave your passport behind, but you won't be needing it. With the millionaire communist Chinese, your spiritual brothers and sisters, you'll have found your true home and be happy ever after.