Friday, February 3, 2012

You Can Do This

The new principle of social media is, Don't ask anyone to do it for you. You are the publisher. You have power.

I recently experimented with a social media petition: "I will buy no new Apple product until Apple moves its factories back to the United States".

Google's free Blogger sites offer a visit counter, and within a couple of weeks 150 people had visited the Apple petition site, sent there from Twitter posts. Here is the site.

I suggest the following petition be posted by every user of social media, all hundreds of millions of us.

"I call on you, Congress Member/Senator (name inserted here), to resign, or face civil and criminal prosecution for taking bribes from corporations to vote in their interest. Your voting record will be brought into court for judgement."

The more interested of us can create sites to aggregate the petitions. The purpose is not accuracy of count, but rather a show of attention, disdain, and disgust.

Everyone says, What can we do, the system is so corrupt.

You can do this.