Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thumb Advises Me Again


Question asked on Thumb, the social network for asking and answering:*

My wife has married a Beverly Hills doctor, falsely claiming she has divorced me. What should I do?

I. Category: Business & Finance

I would imagine you could have her arrested. It's illegal is it not?
Move away or get a lawyer too
Laugh it off, u know they're not really married.
Let him know.
Start a menage a trois.
The category is finance, not fiancee
Let her go. If she left you for someone with money and social status, she was not worth keeping.
Get her arrested lol
Sue for a facelift?
Lawyer up
i think u should get a lawyer. u might have a case!
Ask her what the hell is going on?
Get paid!!
Do you want to expose her fraud? There's probably somebody you can report her to like the place where you register your marriage
The marriage is void. U have docs to prove it. U can sue her
It would appear to me your in line for some of his money
Stop her!
Go to the police.
Lawyer up dummy head
Take her legal battle. U will get money
report to police....!!oh and a lawyer!!

II. Category: Relationships

Oh that's messed up
Talk to her and tell her to talk it through and then take legal advice
Move or call a lawyer
Cash in
Blackmail them
File joint taxes. That'd f things.
Forgive her you did say it was an accident. Right? Well God would forgive her, so would you.
Get paid!
Report it and tell the new husband.
You can sue bith of them i think. She committed a crime. You can sue him for damages to your marriage.
Sue her. Marriage is a legal contract
Let her be with that smuck... It'll crash
It's bigamy. Tell the police
Report her.
Let it go and see if you can get free health care.

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