Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thumb Gives Me Advice

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"My brother, a prominent New Jersey architect, has openly stolen a small inheritance from our mother. He says try and stop him. What to do?"

I. Category: relationships

Publish! law?
Why wont he share? How did he steal it?
Fight for it
Knock him out, and nick he's wallet!
Throw him in grand canyon
Drag his name through the mud
Outsmart him
...need to stop it
He must be stopped
Take a bat to his knees
Buy a gun and renegotiate
Tricky, if self decency isn't a strong point of his you'll struggle. Get dirty and steal something back?
Tell the police
Get a lawyer
Lawyer up. I've been in your shoes
Consult an attorney ASAP
I say a hit man
I don't know what to do but I'm sure ppl on here know something. Then if that doesn't work, kick him in the nuts. You should kick him in the nuts either way. Effin jerk!
Get a lawyer...
Try and stop him
Kick his ass
Hire an attorney and call his bluff
Either decide to forgive him 100%, or make a case against him and go all the way.
Take it back. Steal it from him!!!!
Stop him!
Lawyer time
Let it go and move on. Legal arguments like that will tear you apart and cost far more than it's worth. I'm a lawyer. I know what I'm talking about.
Get an attorney
try and stop him
Stop him
Let it be man... Its small
Kick him in the nuts, again.

II. Category: Business & Finance

Don't let him get away with it
Smack him upside his head and tell him to stop
Tell the cops
Hire an attorney
See an attorney and discuss your options.
Call the police
Teach him a lesson!!
Get an attorney
Sue him. Talk to him. Fight till the end
Confront him and demand explanation
Have a chat
Hit man lol
tell the authorities
Give him a kick in the nuts.
Kick his ass

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