Sunday, March 4, 2012

Love & Progress

1. Repression

In one large phase of human history change was said to be a danger to stability. Societies were repressive for the sake of safety.

2. Progress

Then in another phase, new knowledge was understood to solve problems which otherwise would destroy stability. New knowledge in fact increases stability.

3. Economic Repression

Then in another phase, love, play, beauty, sympathy are understood to be a brake on progress of economic activities. This phase has the form of the prior repressive societies, since it creates stability by limiting opportunities to love, play, sympathize.

4. Economic Freedom

The next phase will arise once the present economic rules are known to be a new oppression:
Bad Money drives out good: when people cheat it is dangerous to be honest. When economics are unregulated, groups and systems will replace each other, responding to the protests of the people, until one group, one system arises which successfully destroys the ability of people to know they've lost something and they no longer protest. In the absence of regulation, progress means the arrival of a stable repression. This is natural, inevitable.
Real progress means achieving stability through acquiring and applying knowledge of love, play, sympathy in our lives together.