Thursday, April 5, 2012

In Love With Code

1. Lock box with key inside.
2. Send.
3. Box sent back to you, with the recipient's lock attached too.
4. You remove your lock (you have a copy of the key that is still inside).
5. You resend.
6. Recipient opens his lock, removes your key, reads your message.

Dare you disclose your love?

1. Your message of love is locked, impossible for your lover, for anyone to understand.
2. You send the message. You can't help it, you love, and you disguise.
3. Your lover receives the message, looking, listening, touching.
4. He respects your privacy and does not disclose his love, not yet. He returns his own disguised glance, words, tentative contact.
5. You can remove your disguise, the truth is now locked within your lover's own disguise. You can present yourself as you are.
6. Your lover sees you undisguised and he removes his own disguise. You say nothing now. The message of love has already reached you both, successfully and privately communicated in the story of the exchange.