Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cruse Missiles Are In A Holding Pattern Circling Your Airspace While The Courts Decide Whether It Is Still Legal To Kill You


The United States is in a permanent war on terror.

The President and Congress, said to be unable to accomplish anything because of partisan politics, a decade ago passed a law, and renewed last year, abolishing the protections of the Bill Of Rights, the First Amendments to the Constitution.

For ten years, you as an American can be legally abducted, sent to a secret overseas prison, tortured, denied trial, denied legal representation, and assassinated. In other words, for the past decade Americans have had the legal status of slaves.

This is justified by the emergency conditions of our permanent war on terror.

In the past decade of that permanent war there have been no attacks on the United States.

That statement bears repeating:

For the past decade, in a permanent war in which there have been no attacks, Americans have been reduced to the status of slaves.


A couple weeks ago a Federal Court struck down part of the law passed by our Congress and signed by our President that reduces us to the status of slaves.

It will be interesting to see whether our President, running for re-election, dares to proceed with an attempt to have this ruling reversed.

We know he wants to, since he willingly signed the law enslaving the American people only months ago.

But for the moment, it is not legal for the American government to send a cruse missile on a visit to the cafe in Budapest I am writing from.

Of course, it would be a mistake to think our government, which uses a ten year war on terror with no attacks to justify suspension of the U.S. Constitution, knows or cares what is legal.