Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Suspicious Coincidence

   - I've got a new theory.
- Of course.
- You know how, according to job openings published by the U.S. Government, there are about 300,000 people working as spies in our country: FBI, CIA, NSA, all the Military Intelligence Services, and many more.
- One spy for every one thousand of us.
- Yes. That is what I wanted to say. Apparently about the same number, one in a thousand, is how many sites on the internet are searchable.
- And now we be told for sure that these 300,000 spies are pouring through the internet watching us. But you say they are watching only one of a thousand of us?
- No, it is worse than that. Imagine a shopping center in a city of million people. About a thousand people are to be found there usually. Imagine the town spies gather in that shopping center and record everything that everyone says there. Meanwhile, everything going on outside the shopping center is unobserved.
- If conspirators don't want to be overheard, all they have to do is not go to the shopping center.
- They can talk with each other without going to the center. They don't use email, don't make contact with sites connected to Google.
- And our hundreds of thousands of spies take their spying operation seriously! How do you explain it?
- I like the coincidence of the number, one out of a thousand spies for each spied on, one site spied on out of thousand sites. I think the spies put themselves in the place of their adversaries. They imagine their own activities being watched, and they are one out of a thousand of us, like they watch one out of a thousand activities on the public internet.
- Except the intelligence services are not on the public internet.
- Except when they are exposed.
- As they are now.